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"Evita" was the first of several Seaside Music Theater shows where I had the great privilege to work with director Lester Malizia. It was also the first of several happy collaborations with the late Bob McDowell, who led the orchestra. You can watch "And the Money Kept Rolling In" below.


"Galen Fott as Che is marvelous, sings with authority and was clearly the audience favorite."--First Coast Entertainer


"An audience favorite, Galen Fott is a flamboyant, bigger than life Che...his rich voice and charismatic stage presence filled the theater with excitement."--Daytona Beach News-Journal


"Galen Fott is a sympathetic revelation as Che, and very nearly steals the show. His Che, marvelously acted and sung, with exemplary diction, is a warmly humorous commentator in word, song, and body language."--Winter Park-Maitland Observer


"Galen Fott...brings a tremendous presence to Che, the narrator in 'Evita.' Fott carries the show from the time the opening lights blossom until Evita is laid to rest in her casket. He has a tremendous range, a great depth and clarity that are all anyone could wish for in a musical. He is able to evoke humor in its proper moments and reflect sadness even in the midst of a rousing chorus number. Fott's efforts were most warmly appreciated at the nearly full house in the preview Wednesday evening."--Beachside

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