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I was profiled in the October 2013 issue of Nashville Arts Magazine. Click here to read the online version.


In August of 2013, Jim Ridley at the Nashville Scene asked me five questions in connection to a screening of my Weston Woods films at the Belcourt Theatre. Click here to read the article. also covered the Belcourt screening; here's that article.

 I was profiled as an alumnus on the VanArts website. Click here to read the article.


For Total Training, I've presented training for several different applications. Click here to visit the Training page.


I've created music for several different projects. Click here to visit the Music page.


It's often noted that Walt Kelly and the Pogo comic strip were a source of inspiration to Jim Henson; I discovered published proof of this fact. Click here to see for yourself.


Along with Jim Henson, Nashville puppeteer Tom Tichenor inspired my lifelong interest in puppetry. Click here to visit my Tom Tichenor page.


I'm fascinated by anagrams. Click here to see four I devised from Lewis Carroll's real name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.


One of my odd obsessions is cartoon voice actors. My favorite Disney animated film is "Lady and the Tramp." So you can imagine my frustration at not being able to find a scrap of information anywhere about Larry Roberts, who voiced Tramp in that movie. Outside of a few still photos, all that the otherwise-wonderful 50th Anniversary Edition DVD release gives us is a mention that Roberts was in his "late twenties" when he recorded the role. Is that enough? No, it is not. And so, click here to visit my Larry Roberts page.


There’s a rumor that the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing has been relocated since the Beatles album photo of 1969. It hasn’t.


Having done a lot of animation work for Scholastic, I think it’s neat that I won the Scholastic Writing Awards when I was 15. Here’s my story.

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