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I’m a video puppeteer. Above is a shot of me with Godwin Merrifeather on the set of “Everywhere Fun Fair”. I’ve also puppeteered for The Jim Henson Company (scroll down for more on that).

In 2022 I had the great pleasure of puppeteering on the video for Jeremy McComb's new song "Burned Out". Here's the video:

And here's a look behind-the-scenes:

Below you’ll find a video puppetry piece I created in which I perform and voice eight different characters. I also made their distinctive facial features (shamelessly appropriating the classic Muppet look), but underneath they’re all the same hand-rod puppet.

And below this you'll find my puppetry reel, featuring clips from nine different projects I've worked on.

I puppeteered on several Sesame Street-related shoots during my time in New York, including the Sony/Loews Movie Theatre Policy Song. In Orlando, I worked on the Lights, Camera, Imagination! Sesame film and video attraction shown at Sea World San Diego and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


I've also made numerous live puppeteering appearances for Henson portraying two famous bear characters (see below). I've appeared all over the U.S., and I've performed in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Brazil. In 2004 the Coca-Cola Polar Bear won "Best Character Performance" in the Guatemala City Christmas parade. It was a cutthroat competition in which "Osito" triumphed over archrivals Shrek, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Barney the Dinosaur.


Click here for my Muppet Wiki page.


.My non-Henson work includes the video Pinatta's View with Avenue Q puppetmeister Rick Lyon, and the Puzzle Place home video series. Among Nashville-based projects, I puppeteered the bust of Beethoven for Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music, and did promotional appearances for Trace Adkins’s “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” music video. I puppeteered Bongo the Parrot for “Backyard Time”, Oogle the fish for Operation Overboard, and Godwin Merrifeather the bird for Everywhere Fun Fair (see above). In Alabama, I brought to life Rip the Squirrel for Virtual Village Classroom’s Weekly Writer series. For Wishing Chair Productions at Nashville Public Library, I puppeteered in the “Puppet Pledge” on NPT, and puppeteered the Grandfather in the adaptation of John Updike’s “A Child’s Calendar”. I also recorded the voices of Horatio in "Hamlet", Lysander in "A Midsummer Night's Dream”, and the Prince in “Cinderella”.

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